Ian Henderson or Forest Ian as he is know by the children he guides in schools and groups is a Level 3 Forest School Practioner (Brigwater College) and has studied Level 3 Challenging Behaviour in the Outdoors, Tracking, Earthwalks. Holds Pediatric and Forest School First Aid and is an Art of Mentoring Facilitator.
An insiring speaker and workshop host on Nature Connection, Outdoor Learning and Forest Schools.
He is a passionate outdoors man, loves bike packing and wildcamping.

"For me Nature Connection is about discovering the story of the land, either traveling over a great distance or just sitting in a field, meadow or park, all around us is a story waiting to unfold - like our ancestors if we really connect with our surroundings these stories tell themselves.

Finding a small trail in the woods tells us the way, the bent grass and the tiny footprints tell us the direction and who was here before us, look deeper and we can see clues to the type of movement, sometimes an urgent rush, other times a lazy graze.

Follow this story and more chapters show them selves, the best place to sleep in the sun, where the predators like to wait and if the fruit is ready to pick. The Nature Connection story can tell us where to look for water and even which way the animals come from.

Learn to fit in well and more stories will unfold, crash around and everything evaporates.

Using all our senses we change back towards the Doggerland man (women, boy or girl) from our past, more information comes to us and the animals around us become more confident around us sharing their tales and including us in their communications.

This to us is true mindfulness, allowing our senses to become re-tuned to the natural rhythm brings us closer to OUR world and our true place of comfort."