Welcome to the Wonderful World of Woodland Birthday Adventures!

Utterly unique and easy to find -10 minutes from the A1 or 5 minutes from the A14

Barefoot walking in the forest
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Enjoy your “best ever Birthday” hosted by Forest Ian in our private 10 acre woodland near Grafham Water in Cambridgeshire. No matter what your age we have a fun experience waiting for you.

The fun begins when Ian greets you at the meeting point and gathers everyone together for the journey into the forest.

If you’re lucky, you’ll spot Olly the American Great Horned owl as you walk up the lane. He’s wild, he’s big and has a very loud hoot but as he’s not native we believe he’s an escapee. He’s probably the only wild Great Horned owl in this country, so a glimpse is really special. The good news is that he’s never stolen any birthday cake – yet!

Just after passing Olly’s favourite roost, using the magic number in the lock to open the gate, Forest Ian will lead your group into the wood and the start of the secret trail. Can you be quiet enough? If you can you might see a rabbit, a deer or even a fox! Keep your eyes peeled for animal tracks as you creep along the path. They will tell you if you’re close. Spotted some “poo”? Is it fresh? Forest Ian might give you some clues as to who left it there. What can you hear? Is something moving in the undergrowth? Is a Woodpecker drilling a new hole in an old tree? Next, the trees start to thin out into a clearing, and you’ll find yourself in our campfire circle, where, under the shelter of our awesome 30-foot parachute you’ll get ready for the first activities.

All parties include:

Your host – “Forest Ian was absolutely brilliant with enthusing the children, hugely knowledgeable and inspiring in his love of the outdoors and adventure”

Exclusive use of our private woodland – no bumping into other parties or activities here!

Den building

A drink & S’mores – those delicious marshmallows toasted over the fire then squished between two biscuits.

A real campfire lit by the birthday boy or girl

What happens next depends on which party you choose…